We established the Company in 2002. Our main resources are the intellectual power and the professional experience of the people. The Company’s team and the consultantsworking on our projects are highly qualified specialists with outstanding experience for each specific case and project.

In the period 1994-2001, the Company managers were executive managers on all projects of the company Iris International Ltd. (renamed in 1998 to Lindner Iris AD).


  • Consulting and supporting the Client during the investment process.
  • Consulting and supporting the companies during the implementations of the construction product.
  • To promote and develop new professionalism and service quality criteria for the service “Project Management” in Bulgaria.


  • Strict compliance with business standards;
  • Compliance with the ethical and moral principles of the business partnership in all forms of communication on behalf of our managers;
  • Strict compliance with technical and technological rules on behalf of all participants in the investment process;
  • Personal attention to every client and project;
  • Flexibility in solving problems;
  • No compromise with our professional ethics;


  • Based on the best practices of world standards;
  • Adapted for work in the Bulgarian conditions and particularity;
  • Implemented so as to enable achievement of our goals and projects;
  • Protect the interests of our Client;
  • Applied on the basis of written management technology.


  • We know the weaknesses and we manage them;
  • We know the strengths and we use them;
  • We manage processes. Each of us has passed every step of the manager’s career to become a real good construction manager;
  • We know the construction technologies. The experience of our people, our information strategy and our contacts give us an up-to date and clear idea about the technologies at any given time;
  • We work with non-compromised quality. The quality of our services lets us require the maximum efforts by every consultant, designer, engineer and contractor;
  • We bring things to a successful end;
  • We are working now but looking into the future;
  • We develop the management methods and tools and perceive the solution of yet another complex task as a chance for growth and improvement of our company;
  • We are working constantly to develop an expanding network of highly loyal and professional experts and consultants. This gives us a chance to find a solutions for any problem occurring in the preparation, investment and construction processes;
  • Stimulating the innovative designer approach and untraditional solutions, encouraging the use of contemporary construction technologies, but always with view to the interest of the investment process and Client protection.